Why you should go for full container load shipping


As a shipper, it's quite important to use the ideal shipping method to capitalise on profits for your business. When shipping cargo internationally through intermodal containers, you need to choose a shipping method that will transport cargo to your destination in a timely manner, optimise on shipping costs and be as simple as possible. Full container load is one such worthwhile shipping method. Read on to find out the reasons why you should use full container load as your shipping method.

27 January 2017

Things to Keep in Mind When Making a Choice of Freight Forwarders


Making a choice of international freight forwarders for your cargo is just as important a decision as picking out an accountant, a vendor for your products, a supplier and more. These professionals are supposed to collaborate with you to ensure that your business will flourish. As such, you should never make this choice simply by selecting the first recommendation that you get. To ensure that your cargo is in safe hands, you need to consider various aspects, such as efficiency, time consciousness, cost effectiveness and more of the different freight forwarders that you will come across.

16 December 2015

What To Consider When Evaluating Air Freight Services For Your Cargo


Thanks to advancements in air transport and global inter-connectivity, businesses have to contend with operations spread across borders. Whether you're exporting, importing or transporting your cargo intestate, air transport can help you get your supplies where they need to be. If you're considering using air freight, go over these four factors to better understand how air freight works and whether it's right for you. How soon do you need your cargo to arrive?

30 April 2015